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YB series preloaded American box change

Categories:Box type substation
Features:At an altitude of less than 1000 meters (more than this range of additional design)
Wind pressure: not more than 70Pa (equivalent to 35m/s)
Humidity: daily average value of not more than 95%: monthly average value of not more than 90%
Customized According Requirements
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Product overview

The YB series pre installed substation is suitable for 7.2KV and 12KV ring network power supply, dual power supply or terminal power supply system for the high voltage distribution metering, compensation control and protection devices. Prefabricated substation shop except a transformer, high voltage side is equipped with four load switch, two position load switch and insert backup fuse fuse; low voltage side assembly according to user requirements for control of electrical appliances, electrical power distribution. Compensation device and electric energy meter.

YB series prefabricated substation can be used for indoor and outdoor, widely used in industrial parks, residential areas, commercial centers, and high-rise buildings and other places。

Normal service condition

1、Seatec (less than 1000 meters over the scope of further design)

2、Wind pressure: not more than 70Pa (equivalent to 35m/s)

3、Humidity: daily average value of not more than 95%: monthly average value of not more than 90%

4、Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40 C: minimum temperature -25 C

5、Seismic level: horizontal acceleration 0.4/s: vertical acceleration 0.15m/s

6、Seismic sequence: 8 degrees

7、Installation location: not more than 3

8、Installation environment: the surrounding air is not corrosive, flammable gas, water vapor and other significant pollution, no violent vibration at the installation site。


Product model and meaning



Product detail drawing


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