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Shandong Province Yangxin Genshen Electric Co., Ltd was founded in 2012 and her subsidiary,Qingdao Yaoutongxing International Trading Co.Ltd, is founded in Qingdao. registered capital of 50 million yuan, covers an area of 50 acres, production workshop 15000 square meters, 150 employees, annual sales reached about 80000000 yuan is a high-tech enterprise integrating a production, sales and system, company to the electric meter box, cable casing, high and low voltage electrical switchgear, transformer, box type substation, cable branch box, distribution box, ring network cabinet, JP cabinet, power distribution box, low voltage reactive power compensation control cabinet, electric energy metering box, high voltage metering device, porcelain insulator, composite insulator, transformer oil, electrical equipment, instrumentation, and insulated wire wire and cable, communication cable, cable accessories, monitoring equipment, electrical fittings and electrical equipment processing, glass steel material with sheath (SMC), PC+ABS material metering box system Products, electric vehicle charging equipment, photovoltaic power generation equipment (excluding generators), wind power equipment production and sales is one of the strongest influence and expertise in North China enterprises, is the ISO9001 quality management system, OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, 3C certification enterprises.

The company is located 14 kilometers west of Yangxin County, the provincial highway and the intersection of the 317 provincial highway in the north, from the shore of the German high-speed highway, 3 km, strategic location, convenient transportation, and the transportation is convenient, and the transportation is convenient. Company covers an area of 26934.7 square meters, production workshop covers an area of 50 million square meters, office area of 2000 square meters,. With advanced production lines, testing equipment, thereby ensuring the quality of products, the formation of the development, testing to mass production of modern industrial production scale.

The company spirit of "technology and development, quality of survival" principle, adhere to the "customer first, quality first" purpose; follow the "from the society and serving the society" the principle of "service above all, responsibility weightier than Mount Tai" for the purpose. We are committed to the prosperity and development of electric power and security. We sincerely welcome customers both at home and abroad to come and visit us.

1.Duties of the chairman (general manager):

1)Formulate the company's policy: according to the company's internal and external environment, the development of the company's strategic planning and policy development;

2)Hold the meeting of shareholders and board of directors, and supervise the implementation of relevant resolutions;

3)Responsible for reviewing and determining the company's long-term planning, overall strategic objectives, annual business objectives and major issues in daily management;

4)Lead the establishment and implementation of the company's management system and quality system, and promote the establishment of the company's philosophy, values and the entire company's corporate culture, the formation and improvement;

5)Participate in the performance evaluation of the company's major decisions and supervise the implementation of the board of directors is responsible for the performance evaluation of other members of the evaluation;

6)To investigate the implementation and implementation of the resolutions of the board of directors and supervise the work of the board members;

7)The appointment of the general manager and other senior management personnel of the company, the determination of remuneration, remuneration and dismissal;

8)Regularly review the company's financial statements and other important statements, a comprehensive Monitor Company operating conditions and financial conditions;

9)Responsible for maintaining and developing the main relationship;

10)Sign important foreign economic contracts and documents;

11)Review the company's development plan and implementation results;

2.Engineer responsibilities:

1)Organize and implement the work of production department, technical research and development department and engineering department;

2)Improvement of product and installation technology, development and innovation of new technology;

3)Preparation of technical research and development of the overall planning, annual plans and technical management;

4)The investigation, statistics, monthly report analysis and work schedule of the after-sales service;

5)To organize the formulation of the rules and regulations of electric power products, such as technical regulations, standards, standards, project management, data management and so on;

6)Complete other tasks assigned by company leader.

3.Marketing responsibility:

1)The marketing manager is responsible for the overall arrangement of the supply and marketing center, and supervise the successful completion of the work;

2)Product sales strategy planning, the purchase intention of customers for products of purchasing and storage problems, purchased products required for the project implementation and products in the production process;

3)Participate in the preparation of the annual work report, and provide the relevant information to the finance department;

4)Procurement: through the market survey and other departments of the company, the implementation of the project in the process of equipment and products in the production process of raw materials procurement;

5)Customer service: do a good job of customer complaint records and after-sales service tracking, so that each complaint satisfactorily deal with customer satisfaction;

6)Marketing planning: the main product marketing strategy for the deployment of production, preparation and implementation of the annual marketing plan;

7)Storage and transportation: the procurement of equipment and materials and equipment needed for the implementation of the project storage and transportation;

8)Contract management: responsible for all the company's engineering contracts, archiving;

9)Review: responsible for the specific sales contract (order), project costs and personnel review and organization;

4.Finance Department responsibilities:

1)In line with the national financial accounting regulations and industry accounting regulations, combined with the characteristics of the company, responsible for the preparation of the project accounting rules and specific provisions of the report, after the approval of the organization. Participate in the preparation of the financial plan, review, analyze and monitor the implementation of the budget and financial plan;

2)In the company's financial department guidance, timely and accurately do billing and settlement work, accounting for correct payments and securities payment, or receiving, and use of financial, accounting or financial assets;

3)Responsible for accounting supervision. According to the provisions of the responsibility cost, expenses scope and standards, inspect the original documents of legality, rationality and authenticity, check whether accord with the regulations of the company, responsible for the centralized control index of project cost. Strict cost control;

4)Make accounting vouchers, account books, statements and other accounting data timely collection, compilation, filing and accounting file management;

5)Take charge of the analysis and evaluation of accounting information, provide timely and reliable financial information, feasibility study report and relevant suggestions;

6)According to the prescribed procedures, standards and methods for the payment of the project review, the preparation of the stage of capital requirements and flow plan;

7)Assist the finance department to do the project cost accounting, complete other tasks assigned by the leader;

5.Department responsibilities:

1)Mainly responsible for the comprehensive management of the Department and human resources work of the overall planning, and in accordance with the company's development needs and the situation of staff training staff.

2)Quality management: mainly responsible for the quality of the products of the key links of supervision and management. Hold quality analysis meeting on a regular basis, to solve the quality problems and to solve the problems and measures to ensure the quality of products and projects.

3)The management of human resources work: responsible for the implementation of comprehensive management of labor wages in the company, responsible for new staff recruitment and examination, new jobs, new jobs and training, arrange the employees of the training work, arrange staff training with the relevant departments.

4)Comprehensive management: responsible for staff attendance and the management of the Department's comprehensive affairs.

5)Complete other tasks assigned by company leader.

6.Technical R & D department responsibilities:

1)Responsible for technical management, planning and development of production, engineering installation, software development and system integration. And according to market demand for scientific research;

2)The project after signing the contract, arrange on-site investigation, make the project planning and design in the shortest time, to ensure that the design drawings and related technical documentation within the time stipulated in the contract engineer.

3)The development and development of new products, the development of production processes and the use of product instructions;

4)Responsible for project planning, construction technology, and construction units to communicate, coordinate and promote the smooth progress of the project.

5)The relevant technical personnel of the company, the customer for technical guidance and support, and organize technical seminars and business training according to the company's needs and technical engineer;

6)Provide guidance and technical support to the project after sales service.

7)Complete other tasks assigned by company leader.

7.Engineering responsibilities:

1)Responsible for the implementation of the project, and the problems encountered in engineering were collected and discussed to solve, submitted to the engineer, by the engineer to solve;

2)After sales service: responsible for after-sales maintenance of the product, that is, the rectification of the project, the operation of the system troubleshooting, maintenance;

3)Participate in the project planning, design, and make recommendations to make the planning and design in line with the actual situation and customer needs;

4)Explain the engineering drawings, assist the customer to understand the design intent, to solve the design problems during the construction period, and to review the engineering organization design proposed by the R & D department;

5)To investigate the quality of supervision and on-site management personnel (or resident representatives), and to make suggestions for the rejection of the unqualified personnel to influence the construction of the project, and report to the company for approval;

6)Do the engineering quality checks, diary records, correspondence, meeting minutes, all applications and instructions and the management of project management, technical documentation, for days after the check and settle disputes as basis;

7)Submit monthly report to the company regularly, report to the company on project progress, quality, investment and other related matters;

8)Take part in the project meeting organized by the supervision unit and put forward some suggestions;

9)In the light of the special problems and accidents in the project, report to the company leaders in time for a special meeting to discuss and deal with them;

10)The final acceptance of the project, the preliminary acceptance and final acceptance of the project;

11)Complete other tasks assigned by company leader.

8.Production responsibility:

1)Organize the production process, balance the production capacity, make and implement the production plan scientifically;

2)To strengthen safety production education and carry out active scheduling to achieve the goal of achieving maximum output with minimum investment.

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