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JP-01 integrated distribution cabinet

Categories:JP-01 integrated distribution cabinet
Features:This series of products is a new type of indoor and outdoor power distribution, which integrates the automatic compensation and distribution as a whole, and integrates many functions such as leakage protection, electric energy metering, over current, overCustomized According Requirements
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Product overview

Outdoor integrated distribution cabinet series suitable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage below 0.4KV power transmission and distribution system. The series of products into automatic compensation and distribution as a whole, set leakage protection and electric energy metering functions, overcurrent and overvoltage of pumping the lack of protection as one of the new and pressure distribution cabinet, has the advantages of small volume, easy installation, low cost, anti theft, strong adaptability, resistance to aging, investment and operation and accurate error compensation etc.. Is the ideal choice for the transformation of power grids.

Product shell

This product with high quality stainless steel plate bending and welding, compared with the same type of distribution box with cold rolled steel, the tensile strength, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance is greatly enhanced, prolonging the service life of equipment. The novel design revealed the innovation of science and technology achievements and noble fashion, which is provided with a sealing rubber strip, the other in the box type V box   can prevent the dust, and is equipped with mounting plate, electrical equipment can be installed, open angle greater than 90 degrees, the new design of anti-theft waterproof dustproof, observation by organic glass increased safety simple installation, convenient operation. Specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Product function

JP series outdoor integrated distribution box, according to the requirements of the power grid construction and transformation of power grid operation experience in a safe, economic, rational and reliable principle and design, with power distribution, control, protection, reactive power compensation, power metering and other functions integrated with new outdoor electric box, at the same time according to user requirements with leakage protection function. The product has the advantages of novel structure, reasonable, high protection level, convenient installation, debugging, maintenance and maintenance. Products in line with GB7251.1-1997, and through the 3C certification, is the current transformation of the ideal low-voltage complete sets of equipment. JP series outdoor integrated distribution box is suitable for power distribution, metering, protection and reactive power compensation of 0.4kV voltage level.

Product features

JP series outdoor integrated distribution box, with the distribution, compensation, measurement of three basic functions. The user can choose according to different schemes, the specific number of the solution are as follows: 01 - distribution + compensation + measurement   02 -   - 03 + compensation distribution; distribution measurement   - 04 + +; compensation measurement         05 distribution; 06 - 07 -     measurement; compensation.

Main performance

1、The utility model has the advantages of quick response, good compensation effect, reliable work, and can also be added to the leakage protector according to the user's requirements;

2、Protection function: over voltage, overload, under voltage, under current, short circuit, lack of phase, zero limit and other functions;  

3、Automatic operation function: power failure is introduced, after the delay of 10s automatic recovery;

4、It can improve the power factor of the power network by more than 0.95.

Operating conditions

1、Ambient temperature: -40 C ~ +55 C;

2、Relative humidity: less than 90% (relative to the environment temperature is 20 DEG to 25 DEG);

3、Altitude: not more than 2000m;

4、Environmental conditions: suitable for the installation of the box body, does not apply to a fire, explosion hazard, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and drama   strong vibration;

5、Installation position: with the ground vertical degree of not more than 5 degrees.

Technical parameter

1、Rated voltage: 400V;

2、Rated frequency: 50Hz;

3、Equipped with transformer capacity:30,50,63,80,100,160, 200,315(kVA);

4、Capacitor grouping: generally divided into 2, 3, 4, 5, such as the user has special requirements, according to user requirements configuration;

5、Feed circuit: generally divided into 3 roads, each according to the distribution of the transformer with a total capacity of 40% ~ 60% configuration, such as the user has special requirements, according to user requirements;

6、Compensation mode: cyclic switching, code switching, fuzzy control automatic switching;

7、Control physical quantity: reactive power or reactive current;

8、Fast response time: less than 20ms.







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