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YBW-12 (European) box type substation

Categories:Box type substation
Features:Altitude: less than 1000;
Ambient temperature: -25 C ~ +40 c;
Relative humidity: daily average value of not more than 95%, the monthly average value of not more than 90%
Customized According Requirements
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Function and characteristic

1、High voltage switchgear, transformer, low voltage switchgear, Trinity, complete sets of strong;

2、High and low voltage protection, safe and reliable operation, simple maintenance;

3、Small footprint, low investment, short production cycle, easy to move;

4、Flexible grounding scheme;

5Unique structure, unique honeycomb structure (double-layer composite panel) shell solid, heat insulation and ventilation, beautiful appearance, high protection level, the shell material of stainless steel, alloy Aluminum Alloy, cold-rolled plate, color steel plate, ceramic tile, wood stick, surface water color of new environmentally friendly materials, can be selected。

6、Various types, universal, villa type, compact style

7、High voltage ring network cabinet can be assembled in the network automation terminal (FTU) to achieve   short circuit and single phase grounding fault reliable detection with "four remote" function, easy to upgrade the distribution network automation.

8、The use of a wide range of urban power grids for the transformation of residential areas, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining, hotels, shopping malls, airports, railways, oil fields, docks, highways and temporary electricity facilities and other indoor and outdoor places.

Use environmental conditions

1、Altitude: less than 1000;

2、Ambient temperature: -25   ~   +40 C;

3、Relative   humidity: daily average value of not more than 95%, the monthly average value is not greater than 90%;

4、Horizontal seismic acceleration: = 0.4m/s2;   = 0.2m/s2; vertical acceleration;

5、Installation site: no fire, explosion hazard, conductive dust, chemical corrosive gas and severe vibration of the place, if the above conditions, the user can coordinate with our company。

Low-pressure side

The low pressure side of the main switch of the universal type or intelligent circuit breaker, selective protection; outlet switch selection of new plastic shell type switch has the advantages of small volume, short arc, up to 30 loop; automatic tracking reactive compensation device of intelligent AC contactor, and pin contacts two switching modes for users to choose。

High-pressure side

The integration of intelligent substation high voltage switch with fuse protection, single phase fusing, Mitutoyo linkage tripping load switch, with compressed air, vacuum, six sulfur fluoride and other types of optional, can realize the automation of power distribution operation mechanism, upgrading; fuse for high voltage current limiting fuse, with impactor, reliable action, breaking capacity, the main technical parameters in the table for more than 500kA; the transformer, optional; with ZN12, VS1 vacuum fracture protector


The integration of intelligent substation selection of low loss, oil immersed, sealed, S10, S11 Department of S9 transformer, can also use resin or NOMEX the vast small son paper insulation environmental protection type transformer; the transformer is equipped with car bottom ah, easy access。

Execution standard

This product conforms to the following standards: GB/T17467-1998 high voltage / low voltage prefabricated substation;

DL/T537-93 "6-35KV box will be able to stop ordering technical conditions".

Technical parameter

Technical parameters of load switch



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