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ZGS combined type box change

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Features:Altitude: not more than 100 meters;
Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40 DEG C minimum temperature -30 C;
Relative humidity: daily average of not more than 95%, the monthly average of not more than 90%;
Customized According Requirements


Product overview

Combined transformer produced by our company, (commonly known as the American box changed) is a kind of transformer, switch, fuse, switch and auxiliary equipment combination transformer, high voltage wiring scheme with terminal type, ring type, can adapt to all kinds of power supply system to the point。

Can be used indoors, and can be used for households, Pennsylvania is widely used in residential areas, airports, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, factories and mines, enterprises, hospitals, schools and other occasions. They can maximize the load center to improve the quality of power supply. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, flexible and convenient use, etc. the utility model can satisfy various requirements of the users such as electric energy metering, reactive power compensation and low voltage shunt。

Product features

Fully insulated structure and interlock to ensure personal safety

Fully sealed structure, eliminate oil deterioration and prolong service life;

The load switch has the characteristics of three-phase linkage, which effectively reduces the ferromagnetic resonance;

The use of double fuse protection to ensure that the system is simple, convenient, economical, reliable and safe operation;

The utility model has the advantages of low silicon steel core, amorphous alloy iron core, winding iron core, etc. the utility model has the advantages of low loss, low noise and no heating;

High voltage cable is made of elbow type cable plug, which can be 200A load current, and can be used as load switch in emergency;

Small size, only for the same capacity of European box about 1/3。

Main technical parameters

Use environment

1. Altitude: not more than 100 meters;

2. Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40     minimum temperature -30 C;

3. Wind speed:   quite 34m/s;

4. Relative humidity: daily average of not more than 95%, the monthly average of not more than 90%;

5. Earthquake intensity: the vibration and impact of instability; horizontal acceleration is not greater than 0.4m/s2; vertical acceleration is not greater than 0.15m/s2;

6.Installation location: not more than 30;

7.Installation environment: outdoor, installed in the absence of fire, explosion danger, serious pollution, corrosive gas and dust, no violent impact of the place

Note: more than the above conditions, we can negotiate with the company。


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