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GS-XGN -12 12 box type fixed indoor AC metal enclosed switchgear

Categories:High voltage switch cabinet
Features:Ambient air temperature:-15℃+40℃
Sea level:≤1000m
Daily average relative humidity:≤95%;Mean daily water vapor pressure:≤2.2kPa;Monthly average relative humidity:≤90%;Monthly mean water vapor pressure:≤1.8kPa
Customized According Requirements


Product overview

GS-XGN-12 box type fixed indoor AC metal enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as the "switch" for rated voltage 12kV. rated current 63kV and ring network power supply or power supply system under the radiation type. Especially suitable for loading prefabricated substation as the power system control and protection。

This product is installed inside the FLN36-12D type insulation casing six sulfur hexafluoride load switch or FLRN36-12D type load switch fuse combination electric appliance, has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple operation, small operating force, reliable interlock and maintenance free, is a new generation of high voltage switchgear to city power grid construction and transformation.


Model meaning


Normal working environment

1、Ambient air temperature:-15℃+40℃

2、Sea level:≤1000m

3、Temperature condition:

     Daily average relative humidity:≤95%

     Mean daily water vapor pressure:≤2.2kPa

     Monthly average relative humidity:≤90%

     Monthly mean water vapor pressure:≤1.8kPa

4、Earthquake intensity:≤8o

5、There is no corrosive or combustible body and other places of obvious pollution。

Structural characteristics

The switchgear is composed of a cabinet, a main switch (a SF6 load switch or a combination device), a ground switch, an instrument room, a bus bar and other electrical components and auxiliary components.

The cabinet is composed of aluminum zinc coated steel plate assembly. The back of the cabinet is provided with a pressure relief channel, so as to protect the operator when an internal fault occurs.

The bus bar of the bus room is covered with an insulating layer and is directly connected to the terminal of the load switch. The three-phase busbar is arranged in longitudinal direction. The switch device can be extended to the left and right, and can be easily changed。

The instrument room is located in the upper part of the switch equipment, and can be installed with the electric current meter, indicator lamp and electric operating mechanism。


Main technical parameters


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