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KYN28A a 12 type open mounted AC metal enclosed switchgear

Categories:High voltage switch cabinet
Features:Altitude: normal 1000m (special 2000m, 3000m, 4000m)
Ambient temperature: -15 +40 (-25);
Relative humidity: daily average value: the average value is less than or equal to 95% months: less than 90%;
Customized According Requirements


Product overview

KYN28A-12 type armored switch type AC metal enclosed switchgear series rated voltage 3.6 12KV three-phase AC 50Hz indoor distribution equipment. It is also used in power plant, power supply system and industrial and mining enterprises;

The switch cabinet can meet GB3906,   L404.  IEC-298 and other standards. And to prevent misoperation of circuit breaker, to prevent load push the handcart, prevent the charged grounding switch is closed, to prevent the grounding switch power supply and prevent into live space "five prevention" in the ground position function。


Normal working environment

1、Altitude: normal 1000m (special 2000m, 3000m, 4000m);

2、Ambient temperature:   -15 +40 (-25);

3、Relative humidity: daily average value:   95%      the average value is less than or equal to 90% months:;

4、Earthquake intensity: ≤8o;

5、The saturated vapor pressure of  : daily average value: less than 2.2 * 10-3MPa    the average monthly value is less than 1.8 * 10-3MPa;

6、No fire, explosion, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and severe vibration。

Main features

1、The structure of the cabinet body is made of aluminum plates assembled by multiple bending;

2、All operations are carried out in the door closed;

3、High protection level, can prevent the invasion of debris and pests;

4、Simple and effective "five anti" interlock to prevent misoperation;

5、Can be equipped with ZN63A (VSl).  UGP or VD4 type solid sealing pole; column vacuum circuit breaker and contactor ten fuse type combination of electrical appliances;

6、Easy to replace the car, hand car interchangeability good;

7、Cabinet reliable wall installation, cabinet maintenance, reduce the area;

8、The cable room has enough space to connect a plurality of cables;

9、Fast grounding switch for earthing and loop;

10、The circuit breaker and the cable chamber can be respectively provided with a heater to prevent condensation and corrosion.

11、The cabinet has a flat top cabinet two high-low cabinet shape or choose.

Structure description

The switch cabinet is composed of two parts: a fixed cabinet body and a spare part. The shell of the cabinet body and the partition of each functional unit are covered with aluminum zinc steel plate, and the protection level of the switch cabinet is IP4X, and the protection level of each compartment is IP2X。

The switch cabinet can be equipped with ZN63A (VS1),   VGP or VD4 type VXG and ten contactor fuse combination electric appliance handcart. Due to installation and maintenance of switch cabinet in front of the cabinet are positive, so it can be mounted against the wall or back to back.

Hand car:According to the use of hand can be divided into the circuit breaker, the voltage transformer hand car, measuring hand car, the hand of the hand, the hand of the fuse car and other similar use of the vehicle has interchangeability. There is a test / isolation position and a working position in the cabinet, each of which has an interlocking device to ensure that the hand is moved in the above two positions.

Bus room:The main bus from one switchgear to another switch cabinet through the branch busbar and the static contact box is fixed, across the adjacent side panels of the cabinet with fixed bus sleeve, all bus with heat shrinkable insulation sleeve plastic。

The shell and the partition board of the switch cabinet are made of aluminum zinc coated steel plate after being processed by a numerical control machine tool and then bent and connected, so that the assembled switchgear can ensure the unity of the structure size. Aluminum zinc coated steel plate with anti corrosion and strong antioxidant effect, and compared with the mechanical strength of the switch cabinet plate high was divided into the same hand car room, a bus chamber, a cable chamber and the relay control room. Each unit of independent grounding。

Circuit breaker:Disconnecting indoor installation of a specific track for truck mobile breaker moving before the test position and the operating position when the isolation valve open or close automatically, ensure the staff does not touch the charged body. The truck can be operated with the door closed, through the observation window can see the hand of the car in the cabinet location, see all marks on the car at hand.

Cable:The cable room can not only connect a plurality of cables, but also can be installed with a current transformer, a grounding switch, a lightning arrester, etc..

Relay room:Relay indoor panels and panels can be installed to control, protection components, measurement, display instruments, such as live monitoring monitors two components。

Interlocking device:The switch cabinet has reliable interlock device, which ensures the safety of operators and equipment:

1、When the grounding switch is in the position of the gate, the handcart can move between the test position and the working position;

2、Only the circuit breaker can be operated when the position or working position can be known;

3、When the grounding switch is in the closing position, the hand can not move from the test position to the working position;

4、The grounding switch can only be operated when the hand is in the test position;

5、The two plug and the hand position of the interlocking solution, hand only in the test position, the two plug can be inserted or removed;

6、When the car is in the working position, due to mechanical interlock, the two plug is locked and cannot be removed;

Grounding device:In the cable room, there is a separate 10X40 grounding bus, the bus can run through the adjacent cabinets; good contact with the cabinet。




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