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ZBW series combined substation

Categories:Box type substation
Features:Altitude: 1000M
Ambient temperature: -25 C ~ +40 C
The average daily temperature: +30 degrees Celsius
Customized According Requirements


Product overview

ZBW (N) series combined substation is a combination of high voltage electrical equipment, electrical equipment such as transformer, low village into compact formation set distribution device for city high-rise buildings, urban and rural construction, residential areas, high Pro Technology Development Zone, small and medium-sized factories, mines, oil and electricity and other temporary work places for distribution system accept the distribution of electrical energy use。

The utility model has the advantages of complete set, small size, compact structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance, etc.. Covers an area of only the same capacity of conventional civil power plant 1/10-1/5, greatly reducing the construction costs. The utility model is used for the distribution system of the ring network in the power distribution system, and can also be used for the power distribution system of the double power supply or the radiation terminal。

This product conforms to the standard of GB/T17467-1998 high voltage / low voltage prefabricated substation。


Model meaning

Use environmental conditions

1、Altitude: 1000M

2、Ambient temperature: -25 C ~ +40 C

3、The average daily temperature: +30 degrees Celsius

4、The horizontal seismic acceleration, vertical acceleration is less than or equal to 0.2m/s2 less than 0.4m/s2;

5、Installation site: no fire, explosion hazard, conductive dust, chemical corrosive gas and severe vibration of the place, if the above conditions can be met with the company。

Main technical parameters



Structural characteristics

1、This product is made up of high voltage distribution device and transformer low voltage distribution device. Is divided into three functional compartments, namely high pressure chamber and a transformer chamber and low pressure chamber, the high-pressure chamber functions, high-pressure chamber by HXGN-10 ring network cabinet composed of a power supply system can be arranged in a ring network power supply terminal, power supply, dual power supply and power supply, can be provided to meet the high pressure measurement element, pressure measurement the requirements of. Transformer can choose S7.S9 and other low loss oil immersed transformer or dry transformer. Transformer room set automatically forced air cooling system and lighting system, the low pressure chamber according to user requirements to use panel mounted structure or to the needs of users with power supply scheme, power distribution, lighting power, reactive power compensation, power metering and other functions, to satisfy the different requirements of users, user convenience and improve the power supply management the quality of power supply。

2、The structure of the pressure chamber is compact and reasonable, and has the function of preventing misoperation. In addition, the high and low pressure chamber selection of all the equipment is reliable, easy to operate

3、Two ways of natural ventilation and forced ventilation. Good ventilation cooling. Both the transformer room and the low-pressure chamber have ventilation ducts. The exhaust fan has a temperature detecting device, which can automatically start the power to close according to the specified temperature, so as to ensure the transformer to meet the load operation。

4、The box structure can prevent rain and dirt from entering. And using imported CCGI or rust Aluminum Alloy plate and stainless steel plate production. The design has a double-layer structure, sandwich with plastic, has excellent heat insulating effect with long-term outdoor use conditions "ensure anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof performance, long service life, beautiful appearance。





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