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YB environmental protection box type substation

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Features:Altitude: 1000M;
Ambient humidity: -30 ~ C ~ C+40;
Temperature: the highest monthly average temperature of +30 degrees C, the highest annual average temperature of +20 degrees C;
Customized According Requirements


Altitude: 1000M

Product overview

YB environmental protection box type substation (the box changes) is a kind of high voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low voltage switchgear, metering equipment and reactive power compensation devices, according to a certain terminal portfolio in compact power distribution device of one or several box. The utility model is suitable for the three-phase AC system with rated voltage 10/0.4KV, and is used for receiving and distributing electric energy. Applicable to factories, mines, oil fields, ports, airports, urban public buildings, residential areas, highways, underground facilities and other places.

YB environmental protection type box has the advantages of complete set, small size, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and large selectivity. The utility model has the advantages of small occupation area, convenient movement, deep load center, short construction period and less waste.


Use environmental conditions

1.Altitude: 1000M;

2.Ambient humidity: -30 ~ C ~ C+40

3.Temperature: the highest monthly average temperature of +30 degrees C, the highest annual average temperature of +20 degrees C;

4.Relative humidity: less than 95%, average monthly average in 90%.;

5.Seismic level: horizontal acceleration 0.4m/s2, vertical acceleration 0.15m/s2;

6.Installation location: no severe impact, serious pollution and chemical corrosion, no conductive dust explosion dangerous places in Egypt

When can not meet the normal conditions of use, please users with my company will negotiate Hu。

Model meaning




Structure characteristics

1、There are two forms of the box body, one for the skeleton welding ("eye" font layout), that is, the first use of steel welding framework, and then pull riveting or welding panel. The pressure chamber is wider. Power supply scheme for ring network or double power supply. The other one is the non skeleton assembly type ("product"), the steel plate is processed by the surface after the shaping, and finally the assembly surface is connected with the bolt. The layout of the product is characterized by the expansion of the low voltage outlet unit, can be placed 6 low voltage cabinet, 8-12 circuit outlet. According to the needs of users, the box can also be set up to operate the corridors and duty room.

2、Good insulation measures. The upper part of the box body is provided with a double-layer structure which can be ventilated up and down, and a heat insulating material is arranged in the interlayer of the top of the box. At the top of the transformer room at the bottom, are equipped with automatic ventilator, or on the side part of a shutter, can guarantee that the transformer can load the safe operation in high temperature season。

3、There is an independent high pressure chamber, transformer room and low pressure chamber in the box, which is provided with the lighting of each room, and the high pressure chamber is provided with a high voltage ring network switch device".

4、Low pressure chamber has the function of low voltage switchgear, which can be selected by users。

5、Transformers can be used dry and oil immersion two。

Shell material:

The shell material comprises a composite plate, a stainless steel composite plate, an aluminum zinc plate, a stainless steel plate and a metal carving plate。

Structural features: high pressure structure is reasonable and compact, can choose SF, FZN57,  , VHC ring network cabinet, all with five anti lock function。

Transformer natural ventilation and automatic ventilation cooling system can be applied to dry and oil immersed transformers。 



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