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State Grid Jilin electric power company

Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Grid Corp, in order to build and operate the grid based business. The company has 9 cities in the province (state) power supply company, Jilin Province Rural Power Holdings Co. Ltd., has built 5, construction enterprises, scientific research and design units and training center 1. The company's total assets of 32 billion 185 million yuan, ranking the forefront of state-owned enterprises in Jilin Province, Jilin Province, the field of basic industries and the power industry is highly influential, dynamic enterprise. The company has won the "national civilized unit", "national labor Award", "national spiritual civilization construction advanced unit" and other honorary titles.

As an important backbone of state-owned enterprises, the relationship between national energy security and national economic lifeline, shouldering the province's economic development to provide safe, reliable, high quality, economic power of the sacred mission. Responsible for the local economic and social development, building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society; to meet the economic and social rapid growth of power demand, the maintenance of public safety; ensure the state-owned assets value, create social wealth; to promote energy conservation, protecting the ecological environment, promote the harmonious development of man and nature of the major political and economic responsibility.

Companies adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, strive to go beyond the" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the development as the first priority, and actively implement the talent strategy, and strive to build a modern enterprise grid, asset quality, service quality, excellent performance ". With the development of open Changjitu pilot area construction has risen to the national strategy, the company will increase investment to build a strong smart grid, boosting Changjitu economic growth, has become a new economic growth point in Northeast china. After hundreds of years of changes and development, Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. will usher in a development of the spring.   "tidal flat on both sides of the broad, the wind is hanging". We look forward to working with you together to witness the great development of the Jilin power grid in the spring, the eight parties are sincerely welcome to join our company.








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