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State Grid Gansu electric power company

Gansu electric power company was founded in February 1990, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Grid Corp, bear the task of building, operating and developing Gansu power grid. As of August 2011, the total assets of 41 billion 740 million yuan, the staff of 24 thousand and 500 people. The headquarters of the company has 20 functional departments, the 1 trade union committees, which consists of 35 basic units. Gansu power grid is the northwest power grid center, and Ningxia, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Sichuan power grid interconnection. Under the jurisdiction of the substation 440, of which the transformer substation of 7 volts, the power capacity of more than 110 thousand volts and more than 10 million KVA, line 27567 km (5260). By the end of August 2011, Gansu electric power installed capacity of 25 million 315 thousand and 900 kilowatts. Full bore generating capacity of 70 billion 170 million kwh, an increase of 22.71%. Total electricity consumption 61 billion 237 million kwh, an increase of 14.38%.

"Since 11th Five-Year", Gansu province electric power company to seriously implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, follow the power grid and the enterprise development law, pragmatic, enterprising, have significant and profound changes in the overall appearance, the grid size doubled, enhanced comprehensive strength, strong brand image, has won high praises from the provincial government "special responsibility, the special ability to endure hardship, to fight, to dedicate". Has won the "national model of harmonious labor relations in enterprises", "national labor Award", "national implementation of customer satisfaction engineering advanced unit", "national tax hundred enterprises", "national audit work advanced unit", "the central unit in Gansu sentinel helping advanced unit" title, the emergence of many national labor award and the national model workers and other advanced collectives and individuals.



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