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Inner Mongolia Eastern Power Company

China Eastern Inner Mongolia Power Company Limited was established in June 2009, with the construction and operation of power grid as the core business, responsible for Inner Mongolia, Tongliao, Xingan, Eastern Chifeng Hulun Buir four Union City Power Grid Planning and construction, operation management, dispatch work, bear the Inner Mongolia exit Nate early and high voltage engineering tasks such as territorial coordination. The company set up 21 departments, there are 6 business support and implementation units, the 4 union (city) power supply company, power supply area of 470 thousand square kilometers, power supply population of 11 million 600 thousand. In 2015, the company completed the sale of electricity 28 billion 850 million kwh, 49 billion 310 million kwh electricity delivery; 8 billion 730 million yuan in fixed assets investment, operation of 66 thousand kV and above line 560 kilometers, 133 kilovolt substation capacity; the total assets of 38 billion 220 million yuan, the synthesis rate of 8.28%。

Mongolia dongsimeng (city) by 11 to 500 thousand volts power line to the northeast electric power system. As of the end of 2015, Hulunbeier grid has 1 + 500 thousand volt DC converter, converter capacity of 3 million kilowatts, line 715 kilometers; 500 thousand kV substation 6, 900 kilovolt substation capacity, line 3345 kilometers; 220 thousand kV substation 57, 1151 kilovolt substation capacity, line 7968 kilometers; 110 (66) kV substation 520, 1264 kilovolt substation capacity, line 17043 km.

The eastern region of Inner Mongolia coal and wind energy is rich in resources, is an important energy base of China, Hulunbeier grid plays an important role in the implementation of the national Power Grid Corp "special four" strategy, since November 4, 2014, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's first UHV project started in less than two years, the territory of Inner Mongolia 6 UHV project under construction put into operation in 2020, will be built in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region "16 pay 4 straight UHV backbone network, formed the eastern UHV power grid and" San Hua "and the three northeastern provinces, and to form a" 8 pay 4 straight power delivery channel.

Since its inception, adhere to fulfill the three responsibilities, and actively practice the purpose of the "four services", won wide acclaim from all sectors of the community. The company has won the national Power Grid Corp civilized units, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region labor award, the autonomous region, "PARKnSHOP integrity enterprise" and other honors.







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