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Henan Electric Power Company material company

Henan electric power supplies company is by the Henan provincial power company funded the establishment of power material procurement and supply as the core set of bidding agent, electrical products, metal materials, chemical products, equipment supervision, import and export business, storage and power supplies, technical services and consulting as one of the large state-owned enterprises, registered capital of 18 million 220 thousand yuan, is the enterprise corporate independent management and assume civil liability. Company in October 1956 with the establishment of the Henan Provincial Electric Power Bureau was born, has gone through fifty years of glorious history.

The company's existing staff of more than 100 people, including all types of professional and technical personnel accounting for more than 70% of the total number of company employees. The company has a group of high theoretical level and rich practical experience of the professionals, including technical experts familiar with project management and engaged in goods, projects and services in areas such as procurement and supply activities of business experts with rich experience in purchasing power supply organization.

The company established a evaluation expert database of more than 800 people, all kinds of professionals from the Henan electric power industry has a high theoretical level and rich experience, in order to provide technical support and authoritative justice quality evaluation in the process of bidding projects.

Company office area of more than 2 thousand square meters, modern office facilities, the full realization of office automation. The company also established a comprehensive website for the tender business provides a convenient platform for information.


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