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State Grid Shandong electric power company

State Grid Shandong electric power company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Grid Corp. The Department has 23 departments, subordinate to the 28 units, the management of the power supply company of the 98 counties, the service customer power of 39 million. 2015, the province's total electricity consumption 514 billion 600 million kwh, the company completed the sale of electricity at 302 billion 700 million kwh, the total assets of $176 billion 400 million.

Shandong power grid has been built 500 thousand volt strong main grid, through the Yinchuan East - Qingdao - 660 thousand volt DC and 500 thousand double, double yellow Fuxin chat bin 3 transmission channels, networking and the Northwest Power Grid and North China power grid, accept the province foreign electricity capacity of 7 million 500 thousand kilowatts. Since 2014, Ximeng - Shandong, Yu Wang - Weifang 1 million volt AC engineering, Shanghai temple - Shandong +800 kV HVDC project has started construction, safety, quality and progress across the board leading, Shandong power grid into the UHV era, in order to build Shandong into an important branch of global energy Internet point has laid a solid foundation.

Over the years, the Shandong electric power out of a road of innovation and development, become the first "first-class management Chinese provincial power company,   has won the national labor award, national civilized unit, the first Shandong Industry Award for outstanding contributions to Shandong, responsibility for the ten enterprises and so on, comprehensive performance benchmarking, for many years in the forefront of the national Power Grid Corp, for 7 consecutive years won the customer satisfaction assessment in Shandong Province nine public service industry first.

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